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A01 23 Dependence in the probabilities of death of relatives CPM094 Alejandro Aguirre, Fortino Vela Peón
A02 23 Performance estimation of young sportives with mars CPM027 Mesut Akyol, Filiz Sayin Aslan, Selim Yavuz Sanisogul, Atilla Halil Elhan
A03 23 A class of tests for the two-sample problem CPM008 Virtudes Alba-Fernández, M.Dolores Jiménez-Gamero, Joaquín Muñoz-García
A04 23 Two Stage Sampling with Using Ranked Set Sampling Method in the Second Stage CPM086 Roshanak Aliakbari Saba
A05 23 Estimating and Testing Effect Size from an Arbitrary Population CPM013 Noriah Al-Kandari, S. S. BuHamra, S. E. Ahmed
A06 23 Software control inspections with capture-recapture faults estimation CPM109 Russell Alpizar-Jara, Paulo Infante
A07 23 Sustainable Tourism Indicators System of Macaronesia CPM124 Emília Alves, Isabel Cristina Correia, Suzete Nóbrega
A08 23 Resampling methods for the estimation of precision measures on sample surveys CPM085 Conceição Amado, Delfina Barbosa, Ana Pires
A09 23 Variability in studies involving green manure CPM018 Edmilson Ambrosano, Gláucia Ambrosano, Eliana Schammass, Fabrício Rossi, Nivaldo Guirado
A10 23 Evaluation of sampling error in Brazilian epidemiological studies of dental caries, published from 1999 to 2005 CPM086 Glaucia Ambrosano, Gláucia M B Ambrosano, Elaine P S Tagliaferro, Renzo A C Vasquez, Marcelo de Castro Meneghim, Antonio Carlos Pereira
A11 23 Volatility Criteria Aggregation CPM125 Vladimir Aphanasiev
A12 23 Bayesian Robustness with Linex Loss Functions CPM019 José Pablo Arias-Nicolás, Jacinto Martín
A13 23 Compilation of Quarterly Financial Accounts for the Sector of Non-financial Corporations in the Czech Republic - Application of Time Series Analysis Methods CPM125 Josef Arlt, Miroslav Kalous, Markéta Arltová
A14 23 An autoregressive model for circular time series CPM033 Rinaldo Artes, Clelia Toloi
A15 23 Waiting Time Distributions for General Runs and Patterns in Hidden Markov Models CPM032 John Aston, Donald Martin
A16 23 Bayesian analysis of aggregate loss models CPM010 M. Concepción Ausín, Juan M. Vilar, Ricardo Cao, Cristina González-Fragueiro
A17 23 Nursing students' usage of nursing process in the integrated education system CPM057 Gülcan Ba?çivan, Nuran Tosun, Mesut Akyol, Nalan Akbayrak
A18 23 AIDS: social vulnerability in the Brazil CPM094 Lára Barbosa
A19 23 Second-order covariance matrix formula for heteroskedastic generalized linear models with unknown dispersion CPM016 Lucia Barroso, Gauss Cordeiro, Denise Botter
A20 23 Optimization of Income Distribution Probability Models in Czech Transition Economics CPM044 Jitka Bartošová, Vladislav Bina
A21 23 Cluster and Factor Analysis of Students' Responses to the CPR Questionnaire CPM081 Carmen Batanero, Carmen Díaz, Helena Bacelar-Nicolau
A22 23 A multinomial-type model for dish-specific demand in a university canteen CPM157 Andreas Berzel
A23 23 On the Problem of Lack of Convergence of the MLE for the EMAX Model and the Potential Inadequacy of the Bayesian Alternative CPM009 Birol Emir, Javier Cabrera, Ed Whalen, Ha Nguyen
A24 23 Loglinear models for ordinal cross classified data with zero counts CPM022 Regina Bispo
A25 23 Use and abuse of alcohol among the young people CPM157 Emanuela Bologna, Domenico Adamo
A26 23 A Multivariate Powered Half-Normal Distribution CPM005 Salvatore Bologna
A27 23 Longitudinal Data Estimating Equations for Beta Regression Models CPM031 Denise Aparecida Botter, Maria Kelly Venezuela, Mônica Carneiro Sandoval, Rinaldo Artes
A28 23 L'influence paramétrique dans un processus d'investissement en assurance CPM129 Kamal Boukhetala
A29 23 Predicting macroseismic fields CPM122 Carla Brambilla, Renata Rotondi, Gaetano Zonno
A30 23 School leavers from various countries: are they receiving the same statistical education? CPM080 João Branco, Eugénia Graça Martins
A31 23 On the consistency of the geometric-type estimator for the tail Pareto index CPM026 Margarida Brito, Ana Cristina Moreira Freitas
A32 23 Common trends in time series of exercise testing (WAnT) CPM033 Paula Marta Bruno, Fernando Duarte Pereira, Renato Fernandes
A33 23 A Gravity Model of Macedonian Export CPM128 Vesna Bucevska
A34 23 An Efficiency Comparison of Closed Multiple Test Methods for Population Means CPM017 Kamon Budsaba, Hathairat Wongchaisuwat
A35 23 Asymptotic properties for a class of transient Feller processes CPM006 Mioara Buiculescu
A36 23 Symbolic Data Analysis and its Application to Information Extraction from Official Statistics: Analysis of the Time Use Survey CPM079 Vera Campos, Paula Brito, Carlos Marcelo
A37 23 Cartoon (Hi)stories of Statistics CPM001 Ricardo Cao
A38 23 On the Importance of Statistics in Forensic Science CPM157 Maria Manuela Caria Figueira de Sá Neves, Fernando Manuel Fialho Rosado
A39 23 What regression for a Lykert scale? CPM147 Ana Isabel Carita, V. V. Dias, S. Brissos
A40 23 The effect of some genetic factors on the enzymatic activity of the Acid Phosphatase, ACP1 and on the Body Mass Index CPM136 Elisabete Carolino, Rosário Ramos, Teresa Oliveira, Alda Silva, Raquel Carvalho, Manuel Bicho
A41 23 IFB Method for Robust Multivariate Regression CPM019 Sofia Raquel Cascais Ferreira Pinto, Conceição Amado
A42 23 Sequential Estimation of Generalized Measurement-error Linear Models with Application to Online Calibration problems of Computerized Adaptive Testing CPM147 Yuan-chin Chang
A43 23 Research on the Index System and Quantitative Measuring and Calculating Method of Regional Gap CPM038 Ruibin Chen
A44 23 Control Charts Performance Evaluation CPM110 Florbela Correia, Pedro Oliveira
A45 23 ALEA Challenges CPM080 Francisco Correia, Magda Ribeiro, Emília Oliveira
A46 23 Working conditions and occupational well-being: a multilevel confirmatory factor analysis approach to the Job Demand-Control model CPM030 Tania Correia, Maria de Fátima Salgueiro
A47 23 Promoting Internet surveys and respondent relationship at INE Portugal: WebInq data collection system CPM040 Catarina Cunha, Paulo Saraiva dos Santos, Carlos Goulão, João Farrajota Leal
A48 23 An evaluation of European countries using principal component analysis according to some social, economical and environmental indicators CPM028 Filiz Ersöz, Aytekin Yamaç
A49 23 Asset Pricing – How to Discount Cashflows with Time-Varying Discount Rates CPM125 Michael Vorfeld, Nils-Bastian Heidenreich
B01 24 Avec des données réelles: pouvons-nous nous initier au Statistique? CPM080 Ana María Lara-Porras
B02 24 Maximum Goodness of Fit Estimation of the Three-ParameterWeibull Distribution CPM008 Alberto Luceno
B03 24 Asymptotic expansions in the singular value decomposition with some robustness issues under nonnormality CPM027 Haruhiko Ogasawara
B04 24 Extensions of the Delta Method CPM008 João Paulo Oliveira Martins, Dinis Pestana
B05 24 Dependencies between Internet flow rates and other flow characteristics CPM154 M. Rosário de Oliveira, Cláudia Pascoal, António Pacheco, Rui Valadas, Paulo Salvador
B06 24 Opinion Polls and the Involvement of Statisticians CPM150 John Panaretos
B07 24 A Simple and Effective Bandwidth Selector for Local Polynomial Quasi-Likelihood Regression CPM078 Min su Park, Young Kyung Lee, Byeong U. Park
B08 24 Comparison of liquid saturation densities models CPM152 María Isabel Parra Arévalo, Ángel Mulero, Isidro Cachadiña
B09 24 The moderator effect of leadership profiles on the relationship between leadership complexity and organizational effectiveness: a structural equation modeling approach. CPM030 Pedro Miguel Santos Dinis Parreira, Fátima Salgueiro
B10 24 False dicsovery rates in multiple comparisons CPM017 Dariusz Parys, Czeslaw Domanski
B11 24 Short term ozone effects on morbidity for the city of Milano, Italy, 1995-2003 CPM116 Francesco Pauli, Monica Chiogna
B12 24 A product-multinomial framework for categorical data analysis with missing responses CPM022 Carlos Daniel Paulino, Frederico Poleto
B13 24 The asymptotic location of the maximum of a stationary random field CPM005 Luísa Pereira
B14 24 Mapping the carbon fixation in German forests by geostatistics and quantifying the carbon fixation in German forests by tree-based models CPM116 Roland Pesch, Frank Bröcker, Gunther Schmidt, Winfried Schröder
B15 24 Non-Response and Sample Size CPM085 Dinis Pestana, Sandra Aleixo, Fátima Brilhante, Fernanda Diamantino, Sandra Mendonça
B16 24 Unimodal regression in the two-parameter exponential family with constant dispersion parameter. CPM137 Kjell Pettersson
B17 24 Methodology for identifying hazardous sites CPM157 Alicia María Picco, María Angélica Ferrandi, Santiago Tazzioli, Pablo Cortés
B18 24 Air quality and integration of short-term and long-term pollutant data CPM121 Antonella Plaia, Anna Lisa Bondi'
B19 24 Unobserved heterogeneity of entrepreneurship motivations: A latent class analysis with concomitant variables CPM030 Leandro Pontes, José G. Dias
B20 24 Statistical Business Register in Montenegro CPM112 Marijana Popovic
B21 24 The study of non-market returns to private investment in higher education CPM034 Shengjun Qu, Han Chunlei
B22 24 Powers of the asymptotic classic tests for the heteroskedastic normal models CPM008 Elisete da Conceição Quintaneiro Aubin, Miguel A. Uribe Opazo, Gauss M Cordeiro
B23 24 Time series analysis with Labour Force survey data CPM033 Ana Quitério, Lucília Carvalho
B24 24 Spectral Type Limit Theorems on a Regression Model for Time Series with Non-Linear Time Series Error CPM033 Parthasarathy Rajagopal, K. N. Venkataraman
B25 24 Trend detection in environmental time series data CPM116 Maria Rosario Ramos, Teresa Alpuim
B26 24 Interactive software for learning statistics CPM068 Eva Mª Ramos-Ábalos, Ana Mª Lara-Porras, Rocio Raya-Miranda, Julia García-Leal, Jose Manuel Quesada-Rubio, Ismael Ramon Sanchez-Borrego, Jose Tarifa-Blanco
B27 24 Social Vulnerability and Crimes in Fortaleza City CPM027 Nádia Rodrigues
B28 24 New calibration methods for estimating the distribution function of a finite population CPM086 María del Mar Rueda García
B29 24 MEWMA Strategies for Multivariate Control of Production Times CPM110 Marta Maria Ruggieri, Marta Quaglino, Jose Pagura, Maria Isabel Flury, Cristina Barbiero
B30 24 Environmental Soil Hazarchs: A Geostatistical Mapping CPM123 Maryam HaghiriLimoudehi, Foroogh Saleh Dirin
B31 24 Assessing fat-tailed sequential forecast distributions for the Dow-Jones index with logarithmic scoring rules CPM125 Giuseppe Sanfilippo, Gianna Agrò, Frank Lad
B32 24 Decision Making Under Uncertainty in the Relocation Process - A Single Change CPM125 Bruno Miguel Santos Silva
B33 24 Measuring and managing statistical burden for businesses at INE Portugal CPM037 Paulo Saraiva dos Santos, Carlos Valente, Nuno Correia, João Farrajota Leal
B34 24 Consideration on consistency across regions regarding multiregional clinical comparative trials CPM156 Jungo Sawa, Chie Sekido
B35 24 Two sided F tests CPM008 Inês Jorge Sequeira, João T. Mexia, M. Manuela Oliveira
B36 24 Comment introduire la Statistique par un message chiffré et des textes littéraires dans l’enseignement secondaire CPM080 Ana María Lara-Porras,Morales-Amate Ramón
B37 24 The importance of two basic disciplines for undergraduates in statistics CPM080 Nelva Maria Zibetti Sganzerla, Fernando Dagnoni Prado, Clarice Azevedo de Luna Freire
B38 24 Receiver Operating Characterisitic Curve Based on the Power-Normal Distribution CPM137 Toshio Shimokawa, Masashi Goto
B39 24 Comparioson of five discriminant methods by evaluation data CPM029 Shuichi Shinmura
B40 24 Using Item Response Theory to analyse DFS data – a case study CPM147 Alexandre Gomes Silva, Emanuel Ponciano, Pedro Nuno Lopes
B41 24 Obesity and hypertension go hand-in-hand: results from an observational, cross-sectional study CPM137 Catarina Silva, Eunice Ferreira, Filipa Negreiro, Catarina Alves, Espiga Macedo
B42 24 Sea-level variations in the Baltic Sea from quantile regression CPM033 Maria Eduarda Silva, Susana Barbosa
B43 24 Study On Monitoring System and Methods for Beijing New Countryside Building Progress CPM157 Jie Song, Wei Li
B44 24 A Discuss of Choosing Weight for Removing the Heteroskedasticity CPM033 Tingshan Song
B45 24 Defining a Methodology for the Seasonal Adjustment of the Portuguese Balance of Payments Statistics A Comparative Study of Software Applications CPM157 Daniel Sousa Carvalho
B46 24 Evaluating a robust version of the GMM estimator for the Simultaneous Equations Model CPM019 Manuela Souto de Miranda, Anabela Rocha, João Branco
B47 24 Alternative Approach for Bayesian Residual Analysis in Models for Binary Data CPM010 Aparecida D P Souza, Helio S Migon
B48 24 Research on Classification of National Accounting CPM062 Qiubi Sun
C01 27 Empirical bayes estimation of the size of a closed population using photo-id data. CPM010 Cibele da-Silva, Jacqueline Tiburcio
C02 27 Two-Stage Sequential Procedure for Kernel Regression Estimation CPM008 Basil de Silva, L. Sandamali Dharmasena
C03 27 Spectral likelihood estimation of a timing control model CPM033 Ana Diniz, João Barreiros, Nuno Crato
C04 27 Application of linear mixed models for longitudinal data: An Intensive Lipid-Lowering Therapy in Calcific Aortic Stenosis CPM031 Vera Alexandra do Amparo Ribeiro Enes, Margarida Fonseca Cardoso, Denisa Mendonça, Luis Moura
C05 27 Bayesian Mixture Models for Complex High-Dimensional Count Data in Phage Display Experiments CPM010 Kim-Anh Do
C06 27 The new stepdown method controlling the familywise error rate CPM017 Czeslaw Doma?ski, Dariusz Parys
C07 27 The thought on the construction of the ecology provinces in China CPM038 Xilong Dong, Yuan Jing
C08 27 A Study of the Method of National Happiness Life Sensation Time CPM146 yongmao Dong
C09 27 Transition from higher education to labour market: graduates and employers perspectives CPM036 Pedro Faraldo-Roca, Crujeiras Rosa M., Lombardía María J., Iglesias-Patiño Carlos L., Naya-Fernández Salvador, Matías-Fernández José M., Fernández-de Castro Belén M.
C10 27 Data collection mode: using the telephone as an alternative channel to household contact CPM040 Carla Sofia Farinha, Tânia Correia, João Farrajota Leal
C11 27 Measurement error in random coefficient multilevel models: an application to PLASC data CPM091 Maria Eugenia Ferrao, George Leckie, Harvey Goldstein
C12 27 Influence diagnostics in beta regression CPM016 Silvia Ferrari, Patrícia L. Espinheira, Francisco Cribari-Neto
C13 27 A dynamic panel model for Portuguese workers’ remittances outflows CPM096 Carla Ferreira
C14 27 Runs of high values and the upcrossings index for a stationary sequence CPM005 Helena Ferreira
C15 27 Stationary distribution and extremal behavior of the ARMAX$_p$ and RARMAX$_p$ processes CPM026 Marta Ferreira, Luísa Canto e Castro
C16 27 Two-way analysis of variance for a concentrated von Mises-Fisher distribution CPM008 Adelaide Maria Sousa Figueiredo
C17 27 Poisson regression mixture models under spatial constraints CPM030 Francisco Figueiredo, José Dias
C18 27 Study of the Contribution of Scientific and Technological Progress to Economic Growth CPM002 Zhenghui Fu
C19 27 A Bayesian approach to Value at Risk estimation via multivariate GARCH models with Gaussian mixture innovations CPM010 Pedro Galeano, Maria Concepcion Ausin
C20 27 New perspective on confidence intervals for the ratio of means of Normal Variables, jointly distributed as a Bivariate Normal CPM008 Carlotta Galeone
C21 27 Estimation of the Pearson correlation coefficient under nonresponse - a simulation study. CPM086 Wojciech Gamrot
C22 27 Study on Measuring National Subjective Well-being of Beijing in 2006 CPM146 Yanyan Gao, Chen Wei
C23 27 Covariance estimation via the orthonormal series CPM117 Pilar Garcia-Soidan, Raquel Menezes
C24 27 Determination of characteristic function of the solution for a stochastic equations system CPM006 Florin Cristian Gheorghe, Marin Nicolaer Popescu
C25 27 Spatio-temporal Trends for Treated Asthma in the Canadian Province of British Columbia CPM117 Paramjit Gill, Charmaine Dean, Bob Prosser, Bruce Carleton
C26 27 Assessing statistical competencies of primary school student teachers CPM080 Juan D. Godino, Rafael Roa, Miguel R. Wilhelmi
C27 27 Reduction of bias of the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator due to sensibility and specificity for current status data CPM076 Antonio Eduardo Gomes
C28 27 Determinants of the Probability of Default of Loans to Non-financial Corporations A Study Based on the Portuguese Public Credit Register CPM002 Homero Goncalves
C29 27 Random imputation method based on a predictive estimator CPM086 Silvia González Aguilera, M. Mar Rueda, Sergio Martínez, J. Francisco Muñoz, Sonia Castillo, Ismael Sánchez-Borrego
C30 27 Design-Based Estimation of Finite Population Parameters with Auxiliary information and Measurement Error CPM157 Luz Mery González, Julio M. Singer
C31 27 Estimation in bisexual branching processes with immigration CPM006 Miguel González, Rodrigo Martínez, Manuel Mota, Inés del Puerto
C32 27 Modelling the dynamics of homicide typologies CPM030 Katharina Gruenberg
C33 27 An Application of Quality Control to Telecommunication Costumer’s Service CPM110 Vera Guerreiro, Paulo Infante
C34 27 Polar Maps for Exploring Large, High-Dimensional Data CPM035 Ali Hadi, Rida Moustafa
C35 27 New Industrialization Depends on Vigorous Development of the Circulation Economy CPM046 Yujun Han
C36 27 Monitoring, Evaluation & System Management on Process of Eco-Province Construction CPM046 Lin He
C37 27 New developments in statistics teaching in a Colombian high school: comparison with practices in the United Kingdom. CPM157 Sandra Natasha Hoyos-Hurtado, Adriana Reeves, Juan Gonzalez, Nora Donaldson
C38 27 Factors influencing smoking cessation in Italy CPM157 Laura Iannucci, Gabriella Sebastiani
C39 27 Boundary estimation via regression on high power-transformed data CPM078 Pierre Jacob
C40 27 Eliminate Gap between Rural People and Agricultural Census CPM103 Xiangdong Ji
C41 27 Discussion on the Urgency of Reforming the Statistical System and Statistical Methods CPM027 Yushan Jiang
C42 27 Public Expenditure of Local Government And Multi-Factor Productivity in China: A Research With City Panel Data CPM047 Jian Jin, Ping Jiang
C43 27 Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering Education. Application to Liquid-Liquid Extraction CPM152 Isabel M. João, João M. Silva
C44 27 Optimal portfolio selection in aggregated pension funds with stochastic interest rates CPM129 Ricardo Josa-Fombellida, Juan Pablo Rincón-Zapatero
C45 27 Remark on extreme regression quantiles II CPM026 Jana Jureckova
C46 27 A Robust Comparison of Closed Multiple Test Methods for Population Means under Lognormal Distribution CPM017 Somchit Watanachayakul
C47 27 Indicators of Tourist Market Appeal and Sustainability. An Analysis of Italian Opera Houses CPM108 Anna Maria Milito, Chiara Fisichella
D01 28 International Migration and Mobility of the EU Citizens in the Visegrad Group Countries: Comparison and Bilateral Flows CPM096 Eva Kacerova
D02 28 Related Theory and Measure Target on Independent Innovation Ability CPM038 Shuquan Kan
D03 28 Spatial Analysis of Risk Factors for Childhood Morbidity in Nigeria CPM137 Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala
D04 28 Opinions of the academic physicians working in Turkish armed forces about homecare services CPM137 Mevlüt Karadag, Birgül Piyal, Mustafa Çoban, Oguz I?ik, Cesim Demir
D05 28 Environmental factors affecting the academic success of GMMF students. CPM146 Kenan Kirikçi, Mesut Akyol, Hakan Çinar, Selim Yavuz Sanisoglu, Türker Çakir
D06 28 Taper equation compatible with volume equation for the hungarian oak stands under restoration at the forest of Lofos (Northern Greece) CPM123 Kyriaki Kitikidou
D07 28 Comparison of Parameter Estimators in Case-Cohort Studies CPM076 Petr Klasterecky
D08 28 Cross validation of prediction models for seasonal time series by parametric bootstrapping CPM033 Robert Kunst
D09 28 Local influence analysis of skew-normal/independent distributions CPM016 Victor Hugo Lachos Davila, Filidor Edilfonso Vilca Labra
D10 28 Ageing of the population and its impact on the financing of health care in the Czech Republic CPM094 Jitka Langhamrova, Tomas Fiala
D11 28 Tests for Zero Inflation in the Bivariate Zero-Inflated Poisson Model CPM022 JungBok Lee, Byoung Cheol Jung, Seo Hoon Jin
D12 28 Long-range dependence in long-term heart rate variability data CPM033 Argentina Leite, Maria Eduarda Silva, Ana Paula Rocha
D13 28 To Develop Harmonious Statistics CPM157 Chuanlu Li
D14 28 Problems of Existing Statistic Structure and System & Thoughts on the Statistic Reform Mode CPM002 Guangtao Li
D15 28 The reflect on the building up transforming pattern of the “whole social big statistics system” in China CPM038 Laiyun Li
D16 28 Thoughts on Implementing Differentiation Management Strategy in Statistic System of the Government CPM157 Shanquan Li
D17 28 Holiday statistics and the mass media CPM150 Douglas Lonnstrom
D18 28 A repair policy for systems with a limited number of repairs CPM109 Eva López Sanjuán
D19 28 Learning Econometrics by doing Econometrics. Some pilot experiences CPM082 Ana Jesus Lopez-Menendez, Matias Mayor
D20 28 Isotonic regression in estimating the impact of second homes on local taxes CPM047 María Jesús López-Palomo, J.Santos Domínguez-Menchero, Emilio Torres
D21 28 Multilingual on-line statistical dictionary CPM063 Tomas Loster, Jiri Vohlidal
D22 28 Implementation Plan for an Integrated System of Official Statistical Information for the Autonomous Region of Madeira CPM046 Guida Lucas, Maria Carlota Santos, Ângela Gouveia
D23 28 A multidimensional analysis of poverty in Portugal based on Bayesian latent class models CPM101 Carla Machado, Carlos Daniel Paulino, Francisco Nunes
D24 28 Approximate computation for likelihood estimation of parameter in two-sided linear functional relationship model. CPM014 Yasutomo Maeda
D25 28 Inspection cost analysis to systems with parallel components and increasing risk rates CPM109 Fernando Magalhães, Mariana Carvalho
D26 28 Poor results: what is wrong? CPM080 Marcos Magalhães
D27 28 Dispersion Index, Panjer Stopped Sums, and Variance of Mixtures CPM021 Madalena Malva, Sandra Mendonça, Dinis Pestana, Fernando Sequeira
D28 28 A Cluster sampling-based approach to compute Bayes factor in finite mixture models. CPM010 Jacinto Martín, María Jesús Rufo, Carlos Javier Pérez
D29 28 The approach to analysis of financial time series, modelling and forecasting the measure of risk CPM122 Jelena Martinovic
D30 28 Labour Force Survey – An Application with R Language CPM037 Ana Patricia Martins, Rita Sousa, Ana Quitério, Pedro Campos
D31 28 Control Charts with random adaptive sample sizes CPM110 André Martins, Paulo Infante, Russell Alpizar-Jara
D32 28 The Research on Establishing Harmonious Society Index CPM002 Futao Miao, Zheng Weixing
D33 28 Bootstraping confidence regions for small samples in MDS individual difference models CPM027 Montero Alonso Miguel Angel
D34 28 New measures of path tortuosity for motion in confined space CPM119 Curtis Miller, Mary Christman
D35 28 Modelling non-observable heterogeneity of capture-recapture probabilities CPM119 Joao Filipe Monteiro, Russell Alpizar-Jara
D36 28 Optimal Alarm Systems for Count Processes CPM010 Magda Monteiro, Isabel Pereira, Manuel Scotto
D37 28 Yates’ Algorithm for Two-Level Factorial and Fractional Designs - An Application CPM018 Sandra Inês da Cunha Monteiro, Teresa Oliveira
D38 28 From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty CPM104 Mario Montinaro, Giovanna Nicolini
D39 28 Modelling Pararede's stock returns CPM033 Helena Morais, Esmeralda Gonçalves, Nazaré Mendes-Lopes
D40 28 Childhood Cancer in North Portugal: Incidence, Survival and Methodological Issues CPM076 Carla Maria Gonçalves Moreira, Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez
D41 28 Posterior normal distribution in controlled branching processes CPM006 Manuel Mota, Rodrigo Martínez, Inés Del Puerto
D42 28 Knowledge Economy Indicators - KEI CPM085 Ralf T. Münnich
D43 28 An approach to statistical information sources about violence against women in the public health system CPM053 Torres-Manzanera Emilio
D44 28 Pain in rheumatologic pathology: an assessment based on five scales CPM137 Filipa Negreiro, Catarina Silva, Eunice Ferreira, Luís Miranda
D45 28 Extreme value index estimation: a look at kernel-type estimators CPM026 Manuela Neves, M. João Martins, M. Ivette Gomes
D46 28 Coverage’s rates of telephone household lines and potential bias in epidemiologic surveys. Brasil, 2005 CPM086 Nilza Nunes Da Silva
D47 28 Modelling Transition Probabilities from Irregular Aggregate Longtudinal Data, with Application to Working Life Processes CPM005 Markku Nurminen, Brett A. Davis, Christopher C. Heathcote, Markku M. Nurminen
D48 28 Building regression imputation models for the Survey on Service Industries in Japan CPM092 Tadashi Yoshizawa, Mariko Murata
E01 29 Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Supporting Statistical Analysis in the Transport Arena CPM157 María Angélica Ferrandi, Alicia Picco, Nilda Closi, Santiago Tazzioli, Nelly Ferreira Calvo
E02 29 Tackling Non Response In Household Travel Surveys: A Case Study CPM086 Elke Moons
E03 29 Living Standards of Vietnamese provinces: a Kohonen map CPM044 Phong Nguyen, Dominique Haughton
E04 29 A simulation study of asymmetric k-medoids clustering algorithms CPM027 Akinobu Takeuchi, Hiroshi Yadohisa
E05 29 Analysis on Effects of Price Transmission Mechanism Changes to Economy CPM157 Jie Tan
E06 29 The Application of Nonparametric Density Estimation in Loss Distribution Research CPM129 Yingping Tan
E07 29 Extensions of the taut string method to bivariate curves CPM078 Judy Tang
E08 29 Multivariate Analysis of Variance: an Application to Somatotype Components of Children from Lisbon CPM134 Júlia Teles, Carlos Barrigas, Isabel Fragoso, Filomena Vieira, Carlos Ferreira
E09 29 On the maximum of a geometric number of superposed random variables CPM005 Maria da Graça Temido, Luisa Pereira
E10 29 The Sample of EAs for Bosnia and Herzegovina Household Budget Survey CPM086 Biljana Tesic
E11 29 On the restricted estimator of parameter under Gauss-Markov model CPM014 Norio Torigoe
E12 29 Statistical Analysis Under Uncertainty based on Multivalued Stochastic Dominance and Probabilistic Dominance CPM011 Grazyna Trzpiot
E13 29 Comparing means of several dependent populations of count– a parametric robust approach CPM019 Tsung-Shan Tsou
E14 29 The Application of Skills of Patient and Caregiver who perform Clean Intermittent Catheterisation Procedure CPM137 Ba?ak Tülay
E15 29 Integrated data collection system at INE Portugal CPM041 Carlos Valente, Paulo Saraiva dos Santos, João Farrajota Leal
E16 29 Cluster Analysis, a powerful tool for data analysis in Education CPM146 Rita Vasconcelos, Marcia Baptista
E17 29 Ignoring non-respondents in personal quota surveys: how risky can that be? CPM106 Paula Vicente
E18 29 Identifying Innovative Behaviors in Portugal. A study using Portuguese CIS CPM114 Aníbal Júdice Guerreiro Cabanita Vieira, Luísa Carvalho, Helena Penalva
E19 29 Using the Internet to Teach Statistics and the Statistical Environment R CPM082 Vilson Vieira, Elisa Henning
E20 29 Skew-normal/independent distributions with applications CPM019 Filidor Edilfonso Vilca Labra, Victor Hugo Lachos Davila
E21 29 Axillary lymph node involvement in early breast cancer: a random walk model of tumor burden CPM137 Vincent Vinh-Hung, Guy Storme
E22 29 Modelling the Score of Sport Match via Dynamic Poisson Models CPM151 Petr Volf, Marek Hejdusek
E23 29 Study on Classification of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry CPM148 Bin Wang, Zhihong Xing
E24 29 The Improvement of the Maximum Covariance in AHP CPM057 Fucun Wang, Li Jiqian
E25 29 The thinking about establishing the Statistical Monitoring System of Jinan Innovative Construction CPM157 Zhenxiang Wang
E26 29 Discussion of Construction and Development of Statistical Research Institutes in China CPM002 Youda Xiong
E27 29 Review on differences of the domestic awareness on the concept of technological Innovation CPM047 Mei Xue
E28 29 A count data model for factors of new business activity CPM022 Mingqian Zhang
E29 29 Improving Statistics Decision Consultation CPM004 Hongru Zhao
E30 29 Analysis of Enterprise Value Evaluation Based on Economic Value Added CPM009 Mingyin Zhao, Chunrui Liu
E31 29 Comprehensive Management of Mining Subsidence and Protection of the Ecological Environment of Coal Areas CPM157 Qinxiang Zheng
E32 29 Research on statistical methods in modern service industry CPM002 Weixing Zheng
E33 29 Understanding on the background of the era of independent innovations in China CPM038 Changren Zhu, Feng Yan
E34 29 Research on the Relationship between Increases in Tax Income and GDP CPM125 Chuanding Zhu
E35 29 The study on relationship between FDI and economical development in Shandong province which based on Panel data models CPM033 Konglai Zhu, Jing Yuan
E36 29 Probability model of the delay between claim occurrence and claim settlement CPM122 Pavel Zimmermann
E38 29 Influence Analysis of Nongaussianity by Applying Projection Pursuit CPM020 Yufen Huang, Ching-Ren Cheng, Tai-Ho Wang